bt-snoop-cli uses the fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop.Snoop capability to monitor packets sent to & received from the local controller.


Include the bt-snoop-cli package in your build. For example, if using fx set, add:

--with "//src/connectivity/bluetooth/tools/bt-snoop-cli`

bt-snoop-cli requires fuchsia.bluetooth.snoop.Snoop which is provided by the bt-snoop component. Make sure it is also included in your build.


The tool can be started several ways:

  1. In fx shell: fx shell bt-snoop-cli

  2. From the sdk: fssh bt-snoop-cli

It is sometimes useful to view snoop logs in a structured protocol viewier like Wireshark. To forward snoop packets to Wireshark in real time, run:

fx shell bt-snoop-cli --format pcap | wireshark -k -i -