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This library provides utility routines for interacting with the FIDL fuchsia.mem/Data type. This type is used to represent a variable amount of data that may be stored inline in a FIDL message or out of line in a separate VMO object. The routines in this library help convert data between an application's representation and the FIDL representation in a transparent and simple way.

Converting bytes to fuchsia.mem/Data

To convert some data into a fuchsia.mem/Data instance, use the CreateWithData function. This will select a storage type based on the size of data. This can source the data either from a cpp20::span or an std::vector. Pass a std::vector in if the data is already stored in a vector of the appropriate type and is no longer needed after creation as this can avoid a copy if the data is stored inline. Otherwise, provide a reference to the storage via cpp20::span.

Extracting data from a fuchsia.mem/Data

To extract data out of a fuchsia.mem/Data instance, use the ExtractData function. This provides an std::vector containing the data, either extracted directly out of inline storage or copied into a newly allocated vector.