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// Copyright 2024 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "examples/drivers/template/template_driver.h"
#include <lib/driver/component/cpp/driver_export.h>
#include <lib/driver/component/cpp/node_add_args.h>
#include <lib/driver/logging/cpp/structured_logger.h>
#include <bind/fuchsia/test/cpp/bind.h>
namespace template_driver {
TemplateDriver::TemplateDriver(fdf::DriverStartArgs start_args,
fdf::UnownedSynchronizedDispatcher driver_dispatcher)
: DriverBase("template_driver", std::move(start_args), std::move(driver_dispatcher)) {}
zx::result<> TemplateDriver::Start() {
// Instructions: Put driver initialization logic in this function, such as adding children
// and setting up client-server transport connections.
// If the initialization logic is asynchronous, prefer to override
// DriverBase::Start(fdf::StartCompleter completer) over this function.
// Set up an example child node for testing purposes
auto child_name = "example_child";
// Add a child node.
auto properties = std::vector{fdf::MakeProperty(bind_fuchsia_test::TEST_CHILD, "simple")};
zx::result child_result = AddChild(child_name, properties, {});
if (child_result.is_error()) {
return child_result.take_error();
return zx::ok();
void TemplateDriver::PrepareStop(fdf::PrepareStopCompleter completer) {
"TemplateDriver::PrepareStop() invoked. This is called before "
"the driver dispatchers are shutdown. Only implement this function "
"if you need to manually clearn up objects (ex/ unique_ptrs) in the driver dispatchers");
void TemplateDriver::Stop() {
"TemplateDriver::Stop() invoked. This is called after all driver dispatchers are "
"shutdown. Use this function to perform any remaining teardowns");
} // namespace template_driver