Contributing Patches to Zircon

At this point in time, Zircon is under heavy, active development, and we're not seeking major changes or new features from new contributors, however, if you desire to contribute, small bugfixes are welcome.

Here are some general guidelines for patches to Zircon. This list is incomplete and will be expanded over time.


  • Follow the process for Fuchsia patches outlined in

  • Patches are handled via Gerrit Code Review at:

  • Additionally, make sure Zircon is buildable for all major targets (x86-64, arm64) at every change. Using fx multi bringup-cq can help with this. See Building Zircon for all targets for more information.

  • Avoid breaking the unit tests. Boot Zircon and run the tests to verify that they're all passing.

  • Avoid whitespace or style changes. Especially do not mix style changes with patches that do other things as the style changes are a distraction. Use fx format-code to format the code with the consistent style.

  • Avoid changes that touch multiple modules at once if possible. Most changes should be to a single library, driver, app, etc.



How to deprecate #define constants

One can create a deprecated typedef and have the constant definition cast to that type. The ensuing warning/error will include the name of the deprecated typedef.

typedef int ZX_RESUME_NOT_HANDLED_DEPRECATION __attribute__((deprecated));