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Google Signin E2E Test


This is an host-driven end-to-end test that drives the Google OAuth login on a remote Fuchsia device to test the authentication flow using the Google identity system. This test is intended to run only on the workstation product. The test consists of a mod that runs on the remote device and triggers the Google login flow, and a test suite that runs host side and drives the login flow.

Runtime Dependencies

  • sl4f SL4F is used to setup Chromedriver connections.

  • Chromedriver Chromedriver is used to drive the authentication flow running on Chromium.

  • tiles_ctl tiles_ctl is used to start the test mod.


All commands should be executed on the host machine.

  • Run fx set using the workstation product and include the //src/identity/tests/google_signin_e2e:test target
  • fx build
  • Ensure fx serve is running
  • Run the run-signin-e2e script, passing in the authentication credentials. Do not use your Google account credentials! Only use Owned Test Account credentials!
./run-signin-e2e --test-account-email <test account email> \
    --test-account-password <test account password>

Future work

The test mod and tiles_ctl are currently used to start the login flow, these will be removed in favor of starting login using a mechanism that exists as part of a product.