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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
/// A PTY (pseudoterminal) emulates terminal devices, with a "server" side
/// (which represents the keyboard+monitor side of the terminal and is obtained
/// by opening /dev/misc/ptmx) and a number of "client" sides which are obtained
/// by calling `OpenClient`.
/// Client PTYs are identified by the `id` used in the `OpenClient` call. The
/// first Client PTY *must* be 0, and it is the only Client PTY that is allowed
/// to create additional Client PTYs, receive Events, etc. It is the
/// Controlling PTY.
library fuchsia.hardware.pty;
using zx;
/// When Feature Raw is enabled, OOB Events like ^c, ^z, etc are not generated.
/// Instead the character is read from the read() input path.
const uint32 FEATURE_RAW = 1;
struct WindowSize {
uint32 width;
uint32 height;
/// The terminal has no active client.
const uint32 EVENT_HANGUP = 1;
/// The terminal received a ^C control character.
const uint32 EVENT_INTERRUPT = 2;
/// The terminal received a ^Z control character.
const uint32 EVENT_SUSPEND = 4;
/// All events
const uint32 EVENT_MASK = 7;
/// When an event is pending, this signal is asserted on the Controlling PTY.
const uint32 SIGNAL_EVENT = 0x02000000; // DEVICE_SIGNAL_OOB
[Discoverable, Layout = "Simple"]
protocol Device {
// Compose from so we can support Read/Write and export
// a "Tty" type node info
/// Open a client PTY device with a unique `id`. `client` should be a handle
/// to one endpoint of a channel that (on success) will become an open
/// connection to the newly created device. On failure, the channel will be
/// closed. Closing the channel will close the connection and release the
/// device. If the provided `id` is 0, then the new client is a controlling
/// client and has the capability to open additional clients. If the
/// current device is not a controlling client, `ZX_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED` will be
/// returned. If `id` is not unique, `ZX_ERR_INVALID_ARGS` will be returned.
/// Otherwise the status code from `device_add` is passed on.
OpenClient(uint32 id, handle<channel> client) -> (zx.status s);
/// allowed on Client PTYs
/// -----------------------------
/// Clear and/or Set PTY Features
ClrSetFeature(uint32 clr, uint32 set) -> (zx.status status, uint32 features);
/// Obtain the window size (in character cells)
GetWindowSize() -> (zx.status status, WindowSize size);
/// allowed on the Controlling PTY
/// -------------------------------------
/// Select which Client PTY receives input.
/// Reads will simply block on non-active PTYs.
MakeActive(uint32 client_pty_id) -> (zx.status status);
/// Returns pending OOB events, simultaneously clearing them
ReadEvents() -> (zx.status status, uint32 events);
/// allowed on the Server PTY
/// --------------------------------
/// Sets the window size
SetWindowSize(WindowSize size) -> (zx.status status);