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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
import 'package:sl4f/trace_processing.dart';
import 'package:test/test.dart';
import 'package:logging/logging.dart';
import 'helpers.dart';
const _testName = 'fuchsia.dart_inspect.basic_benchmarks';
const _appName = 'dart-inspect-benchmarks';
const _catapultConverterPath = 'runtime_deps/catapult_converter';
const _trace2jsonPath = 'runtime_deps/trace2json';
const _iterations = 1000;
final _log = Logger('DartInspectBenchmarksTest');
/// Mapping of event names to output test names.
/// These event names must be kept in sync with
/// //topaz/tests/dart-inspect-benchmarks/lib/dart_inspect_benchmarks.dart.
const _eventNameMap = {
'Inc integer': 'basic/increment',
'Set integer': 'basic/setInt',
'Delete node': 'basic/delNode',
'Add child': 'basic/addNode',
'Set byte': 'basic/setByte',
'Reset byte': 'basic/resetByte',
'Set byte long': 'basic/setByteLong',
'Reset byte long': 'basic/resetByteLong',
'Set string': 'basic/setString',
'Reset string': 'basic/resetString',
'Set string long': 'basic/setStringLong',
'Reset string long': 'basic/resetStringLong',
'Inc double': 'basic/incDouble',
'Set double': 'basic/setDouble',
'Allocation': 'basic/alloc',
'URL sized string': 'basic/url',
/// Custom [MetricsProcessor] that generates one [TestCaseResults] for each
/// event name in [_eventNameMap].
/// TODO( Share metrics processor with other perf tests.
List<TestCaseResults> _metricsProcessor(
Model model, Map<String, dynamic> extraArgs) {
final allEvents = filterEventsTyped<DurationEvent>(getAllEvents(model),
category: 'dart:dart');
final Map<String, TestCaseResults> results = {};
for (final event in allEvents) {
// Add events to the map even if their name is not a key in _eventNameMap.
// This keeps track of any "unexpected" events, which are logged below.
results[] ??= TestCaseResults(
// Note any events that were found in the model but not in the event name map.
// These messages should be useful when updating or debugging the benchmark.
for (final eventName
in results.keys.where((name) => results[name].label == null)) {
_log.fine('Got ${results[eventName].values.length} "$eventName" events, '
'but this event name is not present in the map. Avg: '
'${computeMean<double>(results[eventName].values).toStringAsFixed(3)} '
for (final eventName in _eventNameMap.keys) {
expect(results[eventName]?.values?.length, _iterations,
reason: 'Event name: "$eventName"');
return results.values.where((result) => result.label != null).toList();
void main() {
test(_testName, () async {
final helper = await PerfTestHelper.make();
final stopwatch = Stopwatch();
final traceSession =
await helper.performance.initializeTracing(categories: ['dart:dart']);
await traceSession.start();'Running: dart-inspect-benchmarks --iterations=$_iterations');
await helper.component.launch(_appName, ['--iterations=$_iterations']);
stopwatch.stop();'Completed $_iterations iterations in '
'${stopwatch.elapsed.inSeconds} seconds.');
await traceSession.stop();
final fxtTraceFile = await traceSession.terminateAndDownload(_testName);
final jsonTraceFile = await helper.performance
.convertTraceFileToJson(_trace2jsonPath, fxtTraceFile);
await helper.performance.processTrace(
metricsSpecs: [MetricsSpec(name: 'dart_inspect')],
testName: _testName,
converterPath: _catapultConverterPath,
registry: {
'dart_inspect': _metricsProcessor,
}, timeout: Timeout.none);