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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "msd_defs.h"
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
// Instantiates a driver instance.
struct msd_driver_t* msd_driver_create(void);
// Configures the driver according to |flags|.
void msd_driver_configure(struct msd_driver_t* drv, uint32_t flags);
// Destroys a driver instance.
void msd_driver_destroy(struct msd_driver_t* drv);
// Creates a device at system startup. |device| is a pointer to a platform-specific device object
// which is guaranteed to outlive the returned msd_device_t.
struct msd_device_t* msd_driver_create_device(struct msd_driver_t* drv, void* device);
// Destroys a device at system shutdown.
void msd_device_destroy(struct msd_device_t* dev);
// Returns a value associated with the given id.
magma_status_t msd_device_query(struct msd_device_t* device, uint64_t id, uint64_t* value_out);
// Returns a buffer containing values associated with the given id.
magma_status_t msd_device_query_returns_buffer(struct msd_device_t* device, uint64_t id,
uint32_t* buffer_out);
void msd_device_dump_status(struct msd_device_t* dev, uint32_t dump_flags);
// Opens a device for the given client. Returns null on failure
struct msd_connection_t* msd_device_open(struct msd_device_t* dev, msd_client_id_t client_id);
// Closes the given connection to the device.
void msd_connection_close(struct msd_connection_t* connection);
magma_status_t msd_connection_map_buffer_gpu(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
struct msd_buffer_t* buffer, uint64_t gpu_va,
uint64_t page_offset, uint64_t page_count,
uint64_t flags);
magma_status_t msd_connection_unmap_buffer_gpu(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
struct msd_buffer_t* buffer, uint64_t gpu_va);
magma_status_t msd_connection_commit_buffer(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
struct msd_buffer_t* buffer, uint64_t page_offset,
uint64_t page_count);
// Sets the callback to be used by a connection for various notifications.
// This is called when a connection is created, and also called to unset
// the callback before a connection is destroyed. A multithreaded
// implementation must be careful to guard use of this callback to avoid
// collision with possible concurrent destruction.
void msd_connection_set_notification_callback(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
msd_connection_notification_callback_t callback,
void* token);
// Creates a context for the given connection. returns null on failure.
struct msd_context_t* msd_connection_create_context(struct msd_connection_t* connection);
// Destroys the given context.
void msd_context_destroy(struct msd_context_t* ctx);
// Executes a command buffer given associated set of resources and semaphores.
// |ctx| is the context in which to execute the command buffer
// |command_buffer| is the command buffer to be executed
// |exec_resources| describe the associated resources
// |buffers| are the buffers referenced the ids in |exec_resource|, in the same order
// |wait_semaphores| are the semaphores that must be signaled before starting command buffer
// execution
// |signal_semaphores| are the semaphores to be signaled upon completion of the command buffer
magma_status_t msd_context_execute_command_buffer_with_resources(
struct msd_context_t* ctx, struct magma_system_command_buffer* command_buffer,
struct magma_system_exec_resource* exec_resources, struct msd_buffer_t** buffers,
struct msd_semaphore_t** wait_semaphores, struct msd_semaphore_t** signal_semaphores);
// Executes a buffer of commands of |commands_size| bytes.
magma_status_t msd_context_execute_immediate_commands(struct msd_context_t* ctx,
uint64_t commands_size, void* commands,
uint64_t semaphore_count,
struct msd_semaphore_t** semaphores);
// Signals that the given |buffer| is no longer in use on the given |connection|. This must be
// called for every connection associated with a buffer before the buffer is destroyed, or for every
// buffer associated with a connection before the connection is destroyed.
void msd_connection_release_buffer(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
struct msd_buffer_t* buffer);
// Creates a buffer that owns the provided handle
// The resulting msd_buffer_t is owned by the caller and must be destroyed
// Returns NULL on failure.
struct msd_buffer_t* msd_buffer_import(uint32_t handle);
// Destroys |buf|
// This releases buf's reference to the underlying platform buffer
void msd_buffer_destroy(struct msd_buffer_t* buf);
// Imports the given handle as a semaphore.
magma_status_t msd_semaphore_import(uint32_t handle, struct msd_semaphore_t** semaphore_out);
// Releases the given semaphore.
void msd_semaphore_release(struct msd_semaphore_t* semaphore);
magma_status_t msd_connection_enable_performance_counters(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
const uint64_t* counters,
uint64_t counter_count);
magma_status_t msd_connection_create_performance_counter_buffer_pool(
struct msd_connection_t* connection, uint64_t pool_id, struct msd_perf_count_pool** pool_out);
// Releases the performance counter buffer pool. This driver must not send any notification with the
// pool ID of this pool after it returns from this method.
magma_status_t msd_connection_release_performance_counter_buffer_pool(
struct msd_connection_t* connection, struct msd_perf_count_pool* pool);
magma_status_t msd_connection_add_performance_counter_buffer_offset_to_pool(
struct msd_connection_t*, struct msd_perf_count_pool* pool, struct msd_buffer_t* buffer,
uint64_t buffer_id, uint64_t buffer_offset, uint64_t buffer_size);
magma_status_t msd_connection_remove_performance_counter_buffer_from_pool(
struct msd_connection_t*, struct msd_perf_count_pool* pool, struct msd_buffer_t* buffer);
magma_status_t msd_connection_dump_performance_counters(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
struct msd_perf_count_pool* pool,
uint32_t trigger_id);
magma_status_t msd_connection_clear_performance_counters(struct msd_connection_t* connection,
const uint64_t* counters,
uint64_t counter_count);
#if defined(__cplusplus)