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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <fuchsia/sysmem/c/fidl.h>
#include <lib/fidl-async-2/fidl_server.h>
#include <lib/fidl-async-2/simple_binding.h>
#include "logging.h"
#include "logical_buffer_collection.h"
namespace sysmem_driver {
class BufferCollectionToken
: public FidlServer<
SimpleBinding<BufferCollectionToken, fuchsia_sysmem_BufferCollectionToken_ops_t,
vLog> {
zx_status_t Duplicate(uint32_t rights_attenuation_mask,
zx_handle_t buffer_collection_token_request);
zx_status_t Sync(fidl_txn_t* txn);
zx_status_t Close();
zx_status_t SetName(uint32_t priority, const char* name_data, size_t name_size);
zx_status_t SetDebugClientInfo(const char* name_data, size_t name_size, uint64_t id);
zx_status_t SetDebugTimeoutLogDeadline(int64_t deadline);
LogicalBufferCollection* parent();
fbl::RefPtr<LogicalBufferCollection> parent_shared();
void SetServerKoid(zx_koid_t server_koid);
zx_koid_t server_koid();
bool is_done();
bool was_unfound_token() const { return was_unfound_token_; }
void SetBufferCollectionRequest(zx::channel buffer_collection_request);
zx::channel TakeBufferCollectionRequest();
const std::string& debug_name() const { return; }
uint64_t debug_id() const { return; }
friend class FidlServer;
BufferCollectionToken(Device* parent_device, fbl::RefPtr<LogicalBufferCollection> parent,
uint32_t rights_attenuation_mask);
static const fuchsia_sysmem_BufferCollectionToken_ops_t kOps;
Device* parent_device_ = nullptr;
fbl::RefPtr<LogicalBufferCollection> parent_;
// 1 bit means the right is allowed. 0 bit means the right is attenuated.
// TODO( Finish plumbing this.
uint32_t rights_attenuation_mask_ = std::numeric_limits<uint32_t>::max();
zx_koid_t server_koid_ = ZX_KOID_INVALID;
// Becomes true on the first Close() or BindSharedCollection(). This being
// true means a channel close is not fatal to the LogicalBufferCollection.
// However, if the client sends a redundant Close(), that is fatal to the
// BufferCollectionToken and fatal to the LogicalBufferCollection.
bool is_done_ = false;
bool was_unfound_token_ = false;
// This is set up to once during
// LogicalBufferCollection::BindSharedCollection(), and essentially curries
// the buffer_collection_request past the processing of any remaining
// inbound messages on the BufferCollectionToken before starting to serve
// the BufferCollection that the token was exchanged for. This way, inbound
// Duplicate() messages in the BufferCollectionToken are seen before any
// BufferCollection::SetConstraints() (which might otherwise try to allocate
// buffers too soon before all tokens are gone).
zx::channel buffer_collection_request_;
LogicalBufferCollection::ClientInfo debug_info_;
inspect::Node node_;
inspect::UintProperty debug_id_property_;
inspect::StringProperty debug_name_property_;
} // namespace sysmem_driver