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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/async-loop/cpp/loop.h>
#include <lib/fit/function.h>
#include <lib/zx/event.h>
#include <lib/zx/resource.h>
#include <fbl/intrusive_double_list.h>
#include <fbl/mutex.h>
#include <fbl/ref_ptr.h>
#include <fs/managed_vfs.h>
#include "async_loop_owned_event_handler.h"
#include "inspect.h"
#include "lock.h"
#include "zx_device.h"
#include "zx_driver.h"
class DriverHostContext {
using Callback = fit::inline_callback<void(void), 2 * sizeof(void*)>;
explicit DriverHostContext(const async_loop_config_t* config, zx::resource root_resource = {})
: loop_(config), vfs_(loop_.dispatcher()), root_resource_(std::move(root_resource)) {}
zx_status_t SetupRootDevcoordinatorConnection(zx::channel ch);
zx_status_t ScheduleWork(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, void (*callback)(void*),
void* cookie) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void ProxyIosDestroy(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev);
// Attaches channel |c| to new state representing an open connection to |dev|.
zx_status_t DeviceConnect(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t flags, zx::channel c);
// routines driver_host uses to talk to driver_manager
// |client_remote| will only be a valid handle if the device was added with
zx_status_t DriverManagerAdd(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev,
const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& child, const char* proxy_args,
const zx_device_prop_t* props, uint32_t prop_count, zx::vmo inspect,
zx::channel client_remote) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
// Note that DriverManagerRemove() takes a RefPtr rather than a const RefPtr&.
// It intends to consume a reference.
zx_status_t DriverManagerRemove(fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t> dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
// |client_remote| will only be a valid handle if the device was added with
zx_status_t DeviceAdd(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& parent,
const zx_device_prop_t* props, uint32_t prop_count, const char* proxy_args,
zx::vmo inspect, zx::channel client_remote) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceInit(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void DeviceInitReply(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, zx_status_t status,
const device_init_reply_args_t* args) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceRemove(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, bool unbind_self = false)
zx_status_t DeviceCompleteRemoval(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceUnbind(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void DeviceUnbindReply(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceBind(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const char* drv_libname)
zx_status_t DeviceRebind(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void DeviceSuspendNew(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev,
::llcpp::fuchsia::device::DevicePowerState requested_state);
void DeviceSuspendReply(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, zx_status_t status,
uint8_t out_state) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void DeviceResumeNew(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev);
void DeviceResumeReply(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, zx_status_t status,
uint8_t out_power_state, uint32_t out_perf_state) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceRunCompatibilityTests(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev,
int64_t hook_wait_time) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceCreate(zx_driver_t* drv, const char* name, void* ctx,
const zx_protocol_device_t* ops, fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>* out)
zx_status_t DeviceOpen(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>* out,
uint32_t flags) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceClose(fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t> dev, uint32_t flags) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void DeviceSystemSuspend(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t flags) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceSetPerformanceState(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev,
uint32_t requested_state, uint32_t* out_state);
zx_status_t DeviceConfigureAutoSuspend(
const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, bool enable,
::llcpp::fuchsia::device::DevicePowerState requested_state);
void DeviceSystemResume(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t target_system_state)
void DeviceDestroy(zx_device_t* dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
// routines driver_host uses to talk to dev coordinator
zx_status_t ScheduleRemove(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, bool unbind_self)
zx_status_t ScheduleUnbindChildren(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
void MakeVisible(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const device_make_visible_args_t* args);
zx_status_t LoadFirmware(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const char* path,
zx_handle_t* vmo_handle, size_t* size);
zx_status_t GetTopoPath(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, char* path, size_t max,
size_t* actual);
zx_status_t GetMetadata(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t type, void* buf,
size_t buflen, size_t* actual) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t GetMetadataSize(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t type, size_t* size)
zx_status_t AddMetadata(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, uint32_t type, const void* data,
size_t length) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t PublishMetadata(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const char* path, uint32_t type,
const void* data, size_t length) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
zx_status_t DeviceAddComposite(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, const char* name,
const composite_device_desc_t* comp_desc) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
// Sets up event on async loop which gets triggered once
zx_status_t SetupEventWaiter();
// Queues up work item, and signals event to run it.
void PushWorkItem(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, Callback callback);
// Runs |how_many_to_run| work items. 0 Indicates that caller wishes to run all work items in
// queue.
void RunWorkItems(size_t how_many_to_run);
zx_status_t FindDriver(std::string_view libname, zx::vmo vmo, fbl::RefPtr<zx_driver_t>* out);
// Called when a zx_device_t has run out of references and needs its destruction finalized.
void QueueDeviceForFinalization(zx_device_t* device) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
async::Loop& loop() { return loop_; }
fs::Vfs* vfs() { return &vfs_; }
const zx::resource& root_resource() { return root_resource_; }
ApiLock& api_lock() TA_RET_CAP(api_lock_) { return api_lock_; }
DriverHostInspect& inspect() { return inspect_; }
struct WorkItem : public fbl::DoublyLinkedListable<std::unique_ptr<WorkItem>> {
WorkItem(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev, Callback callback)
: dev(dev), callback(std::move(callback)) {}
fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t> dev;
Callback callback;
class EventWaiter : public AsyncLoopOwnedEventHandler<EventWaiter> {
EventWaiter(zx::event event, fit::closure callback)
: AsyncLoopOwnedEventHandler<EventWaiter>(std::move(event)),
callback_(std::move(callback)) {}
static void HandleEvent(std::unique_ptr<EventWaiter> event, async_dispatcher_t* dispatcher,
async::WaitBase* wait, zx_status_t status,
const zx_packet_signal_t* signal);
bool signaled() { return signaled_; }
void signal() {
ZX_ASSERT(event()->signal(0, ZX_USER_SIGNAL_0) == ZX_OK);
signaled_ = true;
void designal() {
ZX_ASSERT(event()->signal(ZX_USER_SIGNAL_0, 0) == ZX_OK);
signaled_ = false;
void InvokeCallback() { callback_(); }
bool signaled_ = false;
fit::closure callback_;
// Runs |how_many_to_run| work items. 0 Indicates that caller wishes to run all work items in
// queue.
void InternalRunWorkItems(size_t how_many_to_run);
void FinalizeDyingDevices() TA_REQ(api_lock_);
// enum_lock_{acquire,release}() are used whenever we're iterating
// on the device tree. When "enum locked" it is legal to add a new
// child to the end of a device's list-of-children, but it is not
// legal to remove a child. This avoids badness when we have to
// drop the DM lock to call into device ops while enumerating.
void enum_lock_acquire() TA_REQ(api_lock_) { enumerators_++; }
void enum_lock_release() TA_REQ(api_lock_) {
if (--enumerators_ == 0) {
zx_status_t DeviceValidate(const fbl::RefPtr<zx_device_t>& dev) TA_REQ(api_lock_);
async::Loop loop_;
fs::ManagedVfs vfs_;
// Used to serialize API operations
ApiLock api_lock_;
fbl::Mutex lock_;
// Owned by `loop_`;
EventWaiter* event_waiter_ TA_GUARDED(lock_) = nullptr;
fbl::DoublyLinkedList<std::unique_ptr<WorkItem>> work_items_ TA_GUARDED(lock_);
fbl::DoublyLinkedList<fbl::RefPtr<zx_driver>> drivers_;
fbl::TaggedDoublyLinkedList<zx_device*, zx_device::DeferListTag> defer_device_list_
int enumerators_ TA_GUARDED(api_lock_) = 0;
zx::resource root_resource_;
DriverHostInspect inspect_;
fbl::TaggedDoublyLinkedList<zx_device*, zx_device::ChildrenListTag> dead_devices_;
unsigned int dead_devices_count_ = 0;