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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#if defined(__Fuchsia__)
#include <zircon/types.h>
#include <lib/fit/variant.h>
#include <lib/syslog/cpp/log_level.h>
#include <limits>
#include <sstream>
#include <vector>
namespace syslog {
class LogValue;
class LogField;
template <typename T>
LogValue ToLogValue(T);
class LogValue {
LogValue(std::nullptr_t n) : value_(n) {}
LogValue(std::initializer_list<LogValue> list) : value_(list) {}
LogValue(std::initializer_list<LogField> obj) : value_(obj) {}
LogValue(std::string msg) : value_(msg) {}
LogValue(int i) : value_(i) {}
template <typename T>
LogValue(T t) : LogValue(std::move(ToLogValue(t))) {}
std::string ToString(bool quote_if_string = false) const;
operator bool() const { return !fit::holds_alternative<std::nullptr_t>(value_); }
fit::variant<std::nullptr_t, std::string, int64_t, std::vector<LogValue>, std::vector<LogField>>
class LogField {
LogField(std::string key, LogValue value) : key_(std::move(key)), value_(std::move(value)) {}
std::string ToString() const;
std::string key_;
LogValue value_;
class LogKey {
LogKey(std::string key) : key_(std::move(key)) {}
LogField operator=(LogValue&& message) const { return LogField(key_, std::move(message)); }
std::string key_;
LogKey operator"" _k(const char* k, unsigned long sz);
template <>
inline LogValue ToLogValue(std::nullptr_t msg) {
return ToLogValue(msg);
inline LogValue ToLogValue(std::string msg) { return LogValue(std::move(msg)); }
template <>
inline LogValue ToLogValue(const char* msg) {
return ToLogValue(std::string(msg));
template <>
inline LogValue ToLogValue(int foo) {
return ToLogValue(foo);
inline LogValue ToLogValue(std::initializer_list<LogValue> list) { return LogValue(list); }
inline LogValue ToLogValue(std::initializer_list<LogField> obj) { return LogValue(obj); }
class LogMessageVoidify {
void operator&(std::ostream&) {}
class LogMessage {
LogMessage(LogSeverity severity, const char* file, int line, const char* condition,
const char* tag
#if defined(__Fuchsia__)
zx_status_t status = std::numeric_limits<zx_status_t>::max()
std::ostream& stream() { return stream_; }
std::ostringstream stream_;
const LogSeverity severity_;
const char* file_;
const int line_;
const char* condition_;
const char* tag_;
#if defined(__Fuchsia__)
const zx_status_t status_;
// LogFirstNState is used by the macro FX_LOGS_FIRST_N below.
class LogFirstNState {
bool ShouldLog(uint32_t n);
std::atomic<uint32_t> counter_{0};
// Gets the FX_VLOGS default verbosity level.
int GetVlogVerbosity();
// Returns true if |severity| is at or above the current minimum log level.
// LOG_FATAL and above is always true.
bool ShouldCreateLogMessage(LogSeverity severity);
} // namespace syslog
#define FX_SLOG(severity) \
!FX_LOG_IS_ON(severity) ? (void)0 : ([](const char* tag, ::syslog::LogValue v = nullptr) { \
if (v) \
FX_LOGS(severity) << tag << ": " << v.ToString(); \
else \
FX_LOGS(severity) << tag; \
#define FX_LOG_STREAM(severity, tag) \
::syslog::LogMessage(::syslog::LOG_##severity, __FILE__, __LINE__, nullptr, tag).stream()
#define FX_LOG_STREAM_STATUS(severity, status, tag) \
::syslog::LogMessage(::syslog::LOG_##severity, __FILE__, __LINE__, nullptr, tag, status).stream()
#define FX_LAZY_STREAM(stream, condition) \
!(condition) ? (void)0 : ::syslog::LogMessageVoidify() & (stream)
#define FX_EAT_STREAM_PARAMETERS(ignored) \
true || (ignored) \
? (void)0 \
: ::syslog::LogMessageVoidify() & \
::syslog::LogMessage(::syslog::LOG_FATAL, 0, 0, nullptr, nullptr).stream()
#define FX_LOG_IS_ON(severity) (::syslog::ShouldCreateLogMessage(::syslog::LOG_##severity))
#define FX_LOGS(severity) FX_LOGST(severity, nullptr)
#define FX_LOGST(severity, tag) FX_LAZY_STREAM(FX_LOG_STREAM(severity, tag), FX_LOG_IS_ON(severity))
#if defined(__Fuchsia__)
#define FX_PLOGST(severity, tag, status) \
FX_LAZY_STREAM(FX_LOG_STREAM_STATUS(severity, status, tag), FX_LOG_IS_ON(severity))
#define FX_PLOGS(severity, status) FX_PLOGST(severity, nullptr, status)
// Writes a message to the global logger, the first |n| times that any callsite
// of this macro is invoked. |n| should be a positive integer literal.
// |severity| is one of INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL
// Implementation notes:
// The outer for loop is a trick to allow us to introduce a new scope and
// introduce the variable |do_log| into that scope. It executes exactly once.
// The inner for loop is a trick to allow us to introduce a new scope and
// introduce the static variable |internal_state| into that new scope. It
// executes either zero or one times.
// C++ does not allow us to introduce two new variables into a single for loop
// scope and we need |do_log| so that the inner for loop doesn't execute twice.
#define FX_FIRST_N(n, log_statement) \
for (bool do_log = true; do_log; do_log = false) \
for (static ::syslog::LogFirstNState internal_state; do_log && internal_state.ShouldLog(n); \
do_log = false) \
#define FX_LOGS_FIRST_N(severity, n) FX_FIRST_N(n, FX_LOGS(severity))
#define FX_LOGST_FIRST_N(severity, n, tag) FX_FIRST_N(n, FX_LOGST(severity, tag))
#define FX_CHECK(condition) FX_CHECKT(condition, nullptr)
#define FX_CHECKT(condition, tag) \
::syslog::LogMessage(::syslog::LOG_FATAL, __FILE__, __LINE__, #condition, tag).stream(), \
// The VLOG macros log with translated verbosities
// Get the severity corresponding to the given verbosity. Note that
// verbosity relative to the default severity and can be thought of
// as incrementally "more vebose than" the baseline.
static inline int GetSeverityFromVerbosity(int verbosity) {
if (verbosity < 0) {
verbosity = 0;
// verbosity scale sits in the interstitial space between INFO and DEBUG
int severity = syslog::LOG_INFO - (verbosity * syslog::LogVerbosityStepSize);
if (severity < syslog::LOG_DEBUG + 1) {
return syslog::LOG_DEBUG + 1;
return severity;
#define FX_VLOG_IS_ON(verbose_level) (verbose_level <= ::syslog::GetVlogVerbosity())
#define FX_VLOG_STREAM(verbose_level, tag) \
::syslog::LogMessage(GetSeverityFromVerbosity(verbose_level), __FILE__, __LINE__, nullptr, tag) \
#define FX_VLOGS(verbose_level) \
FX_LAZY_STREAM(FX_VLOG_STREAM(verbose_level, nullptr), FX_VLOG_IS_ON(verbose_level))
#define FX_VLOGST(verbose_level, tag) \
FX_LAZY_STREAM(FX_VLOG_STREAM(verbose_level, tag), FX_VLOG_IS_ON(verbose_level))
#ifndef NDEBUG
#define FX_DLOGS(severity) FX_LOGS(severity)
#define FX_DVLOGS(verbose_level) FX_VLOGS(verbose_level)
#define FX_DCHECK(condition) FX_CHECK(condition)
#define FX_DLOGS(severity) FX_EAT_STREAM_PARAMETERS(true)
#define FX_DVLOGS(verbose_level) FX_EAT_STREAM_PARAMETERS(true)
#define FX_DCHECK(condition) FX_EAT_STREAM_PARAMETERS(condition)
#define FX_NOTREACHED() FX_DCHECK(false)
#define FX_NOTIMPLEMENTED() FX_LOGS(ERROR) << "Not implemented in: " << __PRETTY_FUNCTION__