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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.test;
/// Name of a test case.
using Name = string:512;
/// Description of a single test case.
table Case {
/// Used to show human readable results.
1: Name name;
/// Defines the end state of a test case.
enum Status {
// TODO: Add more as required.
/// Represents the results of invoking a single test case.
/// Should be named 'Result', but this interacts awkwardly with Rust's generated
/// code.
table Outcome {
1: Status status;
// TODO: Fill in additional test results, such as:
// - machine parsable test results
// - instrumentation data
// - traces & detailed timing information
// - auxiliary logs such as syslog
/// Listener listens to results from |`Suite.Run`| request.
protocol RunListener {
/// Indicates that an individual test case has started execution and provides
/// the primary log stream used by this test case.
OnTestCaseStarted(Name name, handle<socket> primary_log);
/// Indicates that an invididual test case has completed and outcome is
/// available.
OnTestCaseFinished(Name name, Outcome outcome);
/// Specification of a test to run.
table Invocation {
/// Test case to execute.
1: Case case;
// TODO:
// - providing parameters for parameterized tests
// - handle to store artifacts for a tests case.
// TODO:
//  - filtering on suites & categories
// - specifying different execution orders (e.g. random order, repeat, etc)
table RunOptions {
protocol Suite {
/// Enumerate the test cases available in this test suite.
GetTests() -> (vector<Case> cases);
/// Run the specified test cases. Results are returned over the results
/// channel. The Suite is expected to execute tests one at a time in the order
/// specified. Closing |run_listener| marks end of this call.
Run(vector<Invocation> tests, RunOptions options, RunListener run_listener);