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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.hardware.sdio;
using zx;
/// SDIO max block size is 2048, so this is an arbitrary limit of 1024 blocks.
const uint32 MAX_TRANSFER_SIZE = 0x200000;
struct SdioFuncHwInfo {
uint32 manufacturer_id;
uint32 product_id;
uint32 max_blk_size;
uint32 max_tran_speed;
uint8 fn_intf_code;
enum SdioDeviceCapabilities : uint32 {
SRW = 0x2;
LOW_SPEED = 0x10;
HIGH_SPEED = 0x20;
HIGH_POWER = 0x40;
FOUR_BIT_BUS = 0x80;
HS_SDR12 = 0x100;
HS_SDR25 = 0x200;
UHS_SDR50 = 0x400;
UHS_SDR104 = 0x800;
UHS_DDR50 = 0x1000;
TYPE_A = 0x2000;
TYPE_B = 0x4000;
TYPE_C = 0x8000;
TYPE_D = 0x10000;
struct SdioDeviceHwInfo {
/// number of sdio funcs including func 0
uint32 num_funcs;
uint32 sdio_vsn;
uint32 cccr_vsn;
uint32 caps;
struct SdioHwInfo {
SdioDeviceHwInfo dev_hw_info;
array<SdioFuncHwInfo>:8 funcs_hw_info;
uint32 host_max_transfer_size;
resource struct SdioRwTxn {
uint32 addr;
uint32 data_size;
bool incr;
bool write;
bool use_dma;
/// Used if use_dma is true
zx.handle:VMO? dma_vmo;
/// Used if use_dma is false
vector<uint8>:MAX_TRANSFER_SIZE? virt;
/// offset into dma_vmo or virt
uint64 buf_offset;
protocol Device {
GetDevHwInfo() -> (SdioHwInfo hw_info) error zx.status;
EnableFn() -> () error zx.status;
DisableFn() -> () error zx.status;
EnableFnIntr() -> () error zx.status;
DisableFnIntr() -> () error zx.status;
UpdateBlockSize(uint16 blk_sz, bool deflt) -> () error zx.status;
GetBlockSize() -> (uint16 cur_blk_size) error zx.status;
DoRwTxn(SdioRwTxn txn) -> (SdioRwTxn txn) error zx.status;
DoRwByte(bool write, uint32 addr, uint8 write_byte) -> (uint8 read_byte) error zx.status;
GetInBandIntr() -> (zx.handle:INTERRUPT irq) error zx.status;
/// The following functions access the card common control registers (CCCR) on function 0.
/// Aborts an I/O operation occurring on the specified function.
IoAbort() -> () error zx.status;
/// Returns true if an interrupt is pending for function fn_idx, false otherwise.
IntrPending() -> (bool pending) error zx.status;
/// Reads or writes to a vendor CCCR register. addr must be in [0xF0, 0xFF].
DoVendorControlRwByte(bool write, uint8 addr, uint8 write_byte)
-> (uint8 read_byte) error zx.status;