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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library ddk.protocol.usb.function;
using ddk.protocol.usb.request;
using zircon.hw.usb;
using zx;
[Layout = "ddk-protocol"]
protocol UsbFunction {
/// Registers callbacks to the USB function driver.
SetInterface(UsbFunctionInterface @interface) -> (zx.status s);
/// Allocates a unique interface descriptor number.
AllocInterface() -> (zx.status s, uint8 intf_num);
/// Allocates a unique endpoint descriptor number.
AllocEp(uint8 direction) -> (zx.status s, uint8 address);
/// Configures an endpoint based on provided descriptors.
ConfigEp(zircon.hw.usb.UsbEndpointDescriptor ep_desc,
zircon.hw.usb.UsbSsEpCompDescriptor ss_comp_desc) -> (zx.status s);
/// Disables the specified endpoint.
DisableEp(uint8 address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Adds a string descriptor to the device configuration.
AllocStringDesc(string @string) -> (zx.status s, uint8 index);
/// Queues a USB request with the lower level driver.
RequestQueue(ddk.protocol.usb.request.UsbRequest? usb_request,
ddk.protocol.usb.request.UsbRequestComplete? complete_cb) -> ();
/// Stalls the specified endpoint.
EpSetStall(uint8 ep_address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Clears a stall condition for the specified endpoint.
EpClearStall(uint8 ep_address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Returns the size needed for a |usb_request_t|, including private storage needed by the
/// HCI driver.
GetRequestSize() -> (usize size);
/// Cancels all transactions currently queued on the specified endpoint.
CancelAll(uint8 ep_address) -> (zx.status s);
/// Interface implemented by the USB function driver.
[Layout = "ddk-interface"]
protocol UsbFunctionInterface {
/// Returns the size of the descriptor list for the function.
GetDescriptorsSize() -> (usize size);
/// Returns the descriptor list for the function.
/// TODO(voydanoff) - descriptors will likely vary (different max packet sizes, etc)
/// depending on whether we are in low/full, high or super speed mode.
/// We will need to add a usb_speed_t argument to this callback.
GetDescriptors() -> (vector<voidptr> descriptors);
/// Callback for handling ep0 control requests.
Control(zircon.hw.usb.UsbSetup setup, vector<voidptr> write) -> (zx.status status,
vector<voidptr> read);
/// Called to inform the function driver when the USB device configured state changes.
/// Called with configured == true in response to a SET_CONFIGURATION control request
/// that selects a configuration that contains this function. In this case, the function driver
/// should call usb_function_config_ep() to configure its endpoints.
/// Called with configured == false when configuration is disabled or USB is disconnected.
/// The function driver should then call usb_function_disable_ep() to disable its endpoints.
SetConfigured(bool configured, zircon.hw.usb.UsbSpeed speed) -> (zx.status s);
/// Called to set an alternate setting for an interface due to a SET_INTERFACE control request.
/// The function driver should call usb_function_config_ep() and/or usb_function_config_ep()
/// to configure or disable the interface's endpoints as appropriate.
SetInterface(uint8 interface, uint8 alt_setting) -> (zx.status s);