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Wisdom server in Rust

This is a Rust variant of the wisdom server. The wisdom server integrates with the service fuchsia.intl.Profile to serve a client query to represent a date-time point in several different calendars.


To compile this program you will need to add the following flag to your fx set invocation:


While this has a wider scope than just the binary, it also compiles the package intl_wisdom_rust which you can see in the file.


This section requires “Setup” (see above).

If you have configured your fx set command properly (see previous section), you should be able to compile like so:

fx build examples/intl/wisdom/rust:tests


This section requires “Setup” (see above).

To run the example, you will need to build first with:

fx build

Thereafter in a separate terminal you need:

fx serve -v

Once both are done (and fx serve is still running), the following will run the program on the currently set device:

fx shell run \


Make sure that you have ran fx build and that fx serve is running.

Then you can run tests like so:

fx run-tests intl_wisdom_server_rust_tests


Try checking whether the package is available on the device:

$ fx shell ls /pkgfs/packages  | grep wisdom_rust