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Fuchsia RFC process

The Fuchsia RFC process is intended to provide a consistent and transparent path for making project-wide, technical decisions. For example, the RFC process can be used to evolve the project roadmap and the system architecture.

The RFC process is detailed in RFC-0001: Fuchsia Request for Comments process, along with RFC-0006: Addendum of the RFC process for Zircon.

Summary of the process

  • Review criteria for requiring an RFC.
  • Socialize your idea.
  • Draft your RFC using this template.
  • Iterate your idea with appropriate stakeholders.
  • After stakeholders signoff, email to prompt the Eng Council to decide whether to accept your RFC.
  • If your RFC is accepted, a member of the Eng Council will comment on your change stating that the RFC is accepted, will assign the RFC a number and mark your change Code-Review +2. Your RFC can now be landed.

Criteria for requiring an RFC

Criteria for requiring an RFC is detailed in RFC-0001.

The following kinds of changes must use the RFC process.

  • Changing the project roadmap
  • Adding constraints on future development
  • Making project policy
  • Changing the system architecture
  • Delegating decision-making authority
  • Escalations

In addition, changes in the source directories:

  • /zircon
  • /src/zircon
  • /src/bringup

that meet the following criteria must use the RFC process as described in RFC0006: Addendum of the RFC Process for Zircon.

  • Adding or removing Zircon system interfaces.
  • Changing resource handling behaviors.
  • Modifying isolation guarantees.
  • Significant changes of performance or memory use.
  • Favoring a single platform.
  • Adding or Downgrading support for a platform.
  • New build configurations.

Note: Documents are sorted by date reviewed.

Active RFCs

Gerrit link

Accepted proposals

RFC-00012020-02-202020-02-27Fuchsia Request for Comments (RFC) process
RFC-00022020-03-302020-04-23Fuchsia Platform Versioning
RFC-00032020-06-032020-06-10Fuchsia Logging Guidelines
RFC-00042020-06-092020-07-31Units of Bytes
RFC-00052020-09-072020-09-19Blobfs Snapshots
RFC-00062020-08-172020-09-24Addendum of the RFC Process for Zircon
RFC-00072020-09-252020-10-06Zircon Removal of Thread Killing
RFC-00082020-10-212020-10-29Remove zx_clock_get and zx_clock_adjust
RFC-00092020-10-222020-11-04Edge triggered async_wait
RFC-00102020-10-012020-11-06zx_channel_iovec_t support for zx_channel_write and zx_channel_call
RFC-00112020-11-042020-11-20zx_object_get_info ZX_INFO_KMEM_STATS_EXTENDED

Rejected proposals