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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "asm.h"
#include "setjmp_impl.h"
#include <zircon/tls.h>
// Move the jmp_buf pointer to a temporary register.
// We'll use x0 as a scratch register since we clobber it on return anyway.
mov x16, x0
// Load the manglers into temporary registers.
// We'll be sure that by return these registers don't
// contain the raw manglers, so those values never leak.
adr_global x0, __setjmp_manglers
ldp x1, x2, [x0, #8*JB_PC]
ldp x3, x4, [x0, #8*JB_FP]
ldr x5, [x0, #8*JB_X(18)]
// Get the thread pointer, where the unsafe SP is stored.
mrs x0, TPIDR_EL0
ldr x0, [x0, #ZX_TLS_UNSAFE_SP_OFFSET]
// Store all the vanilla callee-saves registers.
stp x19, x20, [x16, #8*JB_X(19)]
stp x21, x22, [x16, #8*JB_X(21)]
stp x23, x24, [x16, #8*JB_X(23)]
stp x25, x26, [x16, #8*JB_X(25)]
stp x27, x28, [x16, #8*JB_X(27)]
stp d8, d9, [x16, #8*JB_D(8)]
stp d10, d11, [x16, #8*JB_D(10)]
stp d12, d13, [x16, #8*JB_D(12)]
stp d14, d15, [x16, #8*JB_D(14)]
eor x5, x5, x18 // Mangled shadow call stack pointer.
eor x4, x4, x0 // Mangled unsafe SP.
eor x1, x1, x30 // Mangled PC (LR).
eor x3, x3, x29 // Mangled FP.
mov x0, sp
eor x2, x2, x0 // Mangled SP.
.ifne JB_SP - JB_PC - 1
.error "JB_SP expected to follow JB_PC immediately"
stp x1, x2, [x16, #8*JB_PC]
.ifne JB_USP - JB_FP - 1
.error "JB_USP expected to follow JB_FP immediately"
stp x3, x4, [x16, #8*JB_FP]
str x5, [x16, #8*JB_X(18)]
mov w0, wzr
ALIAS(setjmp, _setjmp)
WEAK_ALIAS(setjmp, sigsetjmp)