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  1. cmd/
  3. logprocessing.go
  4. logprocessing_test.go
  5. mass_test_failure_check.go
  6. mass_test_failure_check_test.go
  7. no_tests_ran_check.go
  8. no_tests_ran_check_test.go
  10. run_checks.go
  11. run_checks_test.go
  12. string_in_log_check.go
  13. string_in_log_check_test.go
  14. swarming.go
  15. task_state_check.go
  16. task_state_check_test.go
  17. types.go


Tefmocheck (Testing Failure Mode Checker) analyzes the outputs of a testing Swarming task and determines whether various failures modes occured. It produces a testing summary file (summmary.json) that contains all of the tests in the input summary, as well as a synthetic test for each failure mode starting with “testing_failure_mode/”.

At most a single check (the most specific one possible) will fail on a single task. The least specific ones start with “testing_failure_mode/task_status/”. This just surfaces the Swarming task status. To see further details, see the infra_and_test_std_and_klog.txt, which includes the output of the Swarming task.

This tool is invoked by the infrastructure recipes, so any changes to its interface must be soft transitions.