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# This log is printed by the last_reboot during Fuchsia startup when the last reboot is caused by
# a kernel panic. It can be triggered by `k crash` in Fuchsia shell and the log is obtained through
# `fx log --raw`. The content is also dumped into the serial logs pre-reboot.
arch: aarch64
build_id: git-3bb27b5f560622a654dae107410993f26dccbfd9-dirty
dso: id=5901d7a3998302f6 base=0xffffffff10000000 name=zircon.elf
x0: 0xffffffff10182045
x1: 0xffff00002e503800
x2: 0
x3: 0
x4: 0x6d757478
x5: 0xffff00854f45fd49
x6: 0x73617263
x7: 0x68736172
x8: 0x1
x9: 0
x10: 0
x11: 0
x12: 0x1
x13: 0x2
x14: 0xffff00002e503a80
x15: 0xffffffff10221100
x16: 0x1a60
x17: 0x20
x18: 0xffff00854f462028
x19: 0xffffffff1019c360
x20: 0xffffffff101a08a0
x21: 0xffffffff101a0f60
x22: 0xffff00002e503800
x23: 0xffffffff101c8000
x24: 0xffff00002e503a90
x25: 0x28
x26: 0xffff00002e503a90
x27: 0
x28: 0x1
x29: 0xffff00854f45fc30
lr: 0xffffffff10005188
usp: 0x37b559bdd00
elr: 0xffffffff1000387c
spsr: 0x80000345
esr: 0x96000045
far: 0x1
BACKTRACE (up to 16 calls)