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Doc checker

The present tool verifies the structure and content of documentation files.


This tool can generate a graph of the .md files in a given directory. It also checks that HTTP links are valid and do not point to the same project (for which relative links should be preferred). Lastly, it identifies documents which are not connected to the rest of the documentation tree.

The menu structure encoding in the _toc.yaml files is validated to make sure all files referenced exist as well as the general structure of the yaml.


Run the fx host-tool to locate doc-checker, build it if necessary and execute it:

fx host-tool doc-checker

If the command above fails, the following are common error messages and suggested solutions:

  • “Can't load Kernel binary: Invalid kernel binary format version”: the doc_checker tool needs to be rebuilt with the command:

    fx build doc_checker
  • “ERROR: found no artifacts in the GN graph”: add doc-checker to your fx set line before executing fx host-tool:

    fx set <product>.<board> --with //tools/doc_checker

Where is this used?

This program is used as part of the doc-checker infra commit queue builder.