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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
package build
import (
const (
imageManifestName = "images.json"
// Modules is a convenience interface for accessing the various build API
// modules associated with a build.
// For information about each build API module, see the corresponding
// `build_api_module` target in //
type Modules struct {
buildDir string
apis []string
archives []Archive
args Args
assemblyInputArchives []AssemblyInputArchive
binaries []Binary
checkoutArtifacts []CheckoutArtifact
clippyTargets []ClippyTarget
generatedSources []string
images []Image
packageManifests []string
platforms []DimensionSet
prebuiltBinarySets []PrebuiltBinarySet
sdkArchives []SDKArchive
testSpecs []TestSpec
testDurations []TestDuration
tools Tools
zbiTests []ZBITest
// NewModules returns a Modules associated with a given build directory.
func NewModules(buildDir string) (*Modules, error) {
m := &Modules{buildDir: buildDir}
manifests := map[string]interface{}{
"api.json": &m.apis,
"archives.json": &m.archives,
"args.json": &m.args,
"assembly_input_archives.json": &m.assemblyInputArchives,
"binaries.json": &m.binaries,
"checkout_artifacts.json": &m.checkoutArtifacts,
"clippy_target_mapping.json": &m.clippyTargets,
"generated_sources.json": &m.generatedSources,
imageManifestName: &m.images,
"all_package_manifest_paths.json": &m.packageManifests,
"platforms.json": &m.platforms,
"prebuilt_binaries.json": &m.prebuiltBinarySets,
"sdk_archives.json": &m.sdkArchives,
"tests.json": &m.testSpecs,
"test_durations.json": &m.testDurations,
"tool_paths.json": &,
"zbi_tests.json": &m.zbiTests,
for manifest, dest := range manifests {
path := filepath.Join(buildDir, manifest)
if err := jsonutil.ReadFromFile(path, dest); err != nil {
return nil, err
return m, nil
// BuildDir returns the fuchsia build directory root.
func (m Modules) BuildDir() string {
return m.buildDir
// ImageManifest returns the path to the images manifest.
func (m Modules) ImageManifest() string {
return filepath.Join(m.BuildDir(), imageManifestName)
// APIs returns the build API module of available build API modules.
func (m Modules) APIs() []string {
return m.apis
func (m Modules) Archives() []Archive {
return m.archives
func (m Modules) Args() Args {
return m.args
func (m Modules) AssemblyInputArchives() []AssemblyInputArchive {
return m.assemblyInputArchives
func (m Modules) Binaries() []Binary {
return m.binaries
func (m Modules) CheckoutArtifacts() []CheckoutArtifact {
return m.checkoutArtifacts
func (m Modules) ClippyTargets() []ClippyTarget {
return m.clippyTargets
func (m Modules) GeneratedSources() []string {
return m.generatedSources
func (m Modules) Images() []Image {
return m.images
func (m Modules) PackageManifests() []string {
return m.packageManifests
// Platforms returns the build API module of available platforms to test on.
func (m Modules) Platforms() []DimensionSet {
return m.platforms
// PrebuiltBinarySets returns the build API module of prebuilt packages
// registered in the build.
func (m Modules) PrebuiltBinarySets() []PrebuiltBinarySet {
return m.prebuiltBinarySets
func (m Modules) SDKArchives() []SDKArchive {
return m.sdkArchives
func (m Modules) TestDurations() []TestDuration {
return m.testDurations
func (m Modules) TestSpecs() []TestSpec {
return m.testSpecs
func (m Modules) Tools() Tools {
func (m Modules) ZBITests() []ZBITest {
return m.zbiTests