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Scenic View Debugger

This directory contains present_view, a utility which can debug processes that provide Views via the or fuchsia.ui.views.View interfaces.

The present_view tool takes the URL to a process that exposes one of these interfaces and makes its View the root (fullscreen) View.

This tool is intended for testing and debugging purposes only and may cause problems if invoked incorrectly.


$ present_view <view_provider_process>
$ present_view spinning_square_view

If another view-providing process is already using the display, kill it like so:

$ killall spinning_square_view

Using fuchsia.intl.PropertyProvider

present_view can optionally start a component that will serve fuchsia.intl.PropertyProvider for the started process. This is useful for debugging programs that require this functionality. This option is not the default as different environments may not have this service available. The functionality is invoked by adding a flag --locale=..., where the flag value is a comma-separated list of BCP-47 locale identifiers that we want to be served by fuchsia.intl.PropertyProvider.

Example below.

$ present_view --locale=<locale_id>[,<locale_id>]... <view_provider_process>
$ present_view --locale=nl-NL,ru-RU spinning_square_view