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Simplest Embedder

This is the usage example for the scenic::BaseView class, which simplifies the creation of components that can act as both parents and children in the Scenic view tree.

Note on ExamplePresenter

Includes a simple implementation of fuchsia.ui.policy.Presenter which it uses instead of connecting to root_presenter; the topology is analogous to how Peridot's basemgr connects the base_shell to root_presenter.

This configuration requires connecting directly to Scenic; it will not work if there is already a Compositor attached to the default display.

Note on Input Events

For Scenic to deliver input events to Views, it must first receive them from a presenter. It is the presenter's responsibility to set up reception of input events from Zircon and pass them to Scenic. Today, only the root_presenter's implementation is currently configured to do that; ExamplePresenter could do it with extra work.

Both applications (simplest_embedder and shadertoy_client) will respond to touchscreen events.


  • Connect to the root presenter:
    • $ run fuchsia-pkg:// --use_root_presenter
  • Set up an example presenter:
    • $ run fuchsia-pkg:// --use_example_presenter
    • For ExamplePresenter, make sure to kill any instances of scenic and root_presenter (use killall).
  • Stand up the view provider service, and have it connect to an ambient root_presenter. In this configuration, the simplest_embedder application won't put up its own View.
    • $ present_view fuchsia-pkg://