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This directory contains source for

  1. The input-pipeline component for astro and sherlock (//src/ui/bin/input-pipeline:component). This component is not yet in production use, but is planned to replace the input processing code in root_presenter.

  2. The input-pipeline test component (//src/ui/bin/input-pipeline:component-for-test). This is similar to the regular component, except that its manifest does not include /dev/class/input-report. Hence, tests using this component will not be perturbed by any physical input devices.

    These tests, will, however, log an error message about /dev/class/input-report being unavailable. To avoid the log message, packages bundling this component should include an empty /config/data/ignore_real_devices. For an example of how to do this, see //src/ui/tests/integration_input_tests/factory-reset-handler/