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The isolated-ota library provides a simple interface that allows a Fuchsia system to be installed over the air to a given blobfs and paver from a provided TUF repository and channel.

To use it, you need to make sure your image includes the package //src/sys/pkg/lib/isolated-swd:isolated-swd-components.

It does this by setting up the software delivery stack:

  1. pkgfs is launched against the provided blobfs.
  2. pkg-cache is launched, using the pkgfs from step 1.
  3. pkg-resolver is launched, using the provided repository configuration and channel, along with pkg-cache from step 2.
  4. If Omaha configuration is provided (an Omaha app id, and a URL to use for the Omaha server), the omaha-client state machine is launched. It performs an update check once, and the Omaha state machine calls the system-updater with the update package URI returned by Omaha.
  5. If no Omaha configuration is provided, isolated-ota launches the system updater directly, using the default update URL.
  6. The system updater runs an OTA, resolving all of the packages in the new system using the pkg-resolver from step 3, and paving the images in the update package using the provided paver.