Inspect Dart

A simple module that demonstrates usage of the Dart Inspect API.

Running example app

Assumes you already have an existing Fuchsia checkout and have set-up your hardware.

  1. Run for workstation.

    fx set workstation.chromebook-x64 --with //bundles:kitchen_sink
  2. Do a fresh build.

    fx build
  3. Connect and turn on the desired device. Serve to hardware.

    fx serve
  4. (If this is your first time building the example app) You may need to run:

    fx ota

    in order to have access to iquery.

  5. (Once the UI comes up) Login as a Guest user.

    Click on the (+) icon and select “Guest”. This only needs to be done once on initial setup.

  6. Add the Inspect mod.

    fx shell sessionctl add_mod fuchsia-pkg://

    You should see the mod appear on the device.

  7. View iquery output. This saves a step of looking for the mod because we know the mod is “inspect_mod.cmx”:

    fx shell iquery show inspect_mod.cmx

Local development

Each time you make local Dart changes and want to see the changes, you'll want to rebuild and re-add the inspect mod.

  1. Press “x” on the open mod to close it.

  2. Build and add your mod.

    fx build && fx shell sessionctl add_mod fuchsia-pkg://