Element Proposer

An Element Proposer is a component role within the session describing a component that requests elements to be added to the session through the fuchsia.element.Manager API.

Element Proposers are components

Element Proposers are components within a session. They are distinct from other components within the same session by their role:

Element Proposers use the fuchsia.element.Manager protocol to add elements to the session.

Element Proposers drive product UI

Element Proposers can react to environmental inputs, including the following:

  • Accepting direct keyboard input from the user
  • Listening to requests from a mobile device on the same network
  • Using predictive algorithms based on past user behavior

They then respond to these inputs by adding elements to the session.

A fully featured product contains multiple Element Proposers.

Element Proposers are portable across products

Like the elements they propose, Element Proposers are reusable across products and product configurations. Including an Element Proposer is accomplished by including it in the component topology for the session.