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perfcompare: Performance comparison tool


The perfcompare tool requires Python 3.

There are two ways to run the perfcompare tool with the required dependencies (currently just the scipy Python library):

  • Via vpython:

    ./prebuilt/third_party/vpython/vpython garnet/bin/perfcompare/

    This will automatically download prebuilt, hermetic versions of dependencies. vpython is used for running perfcompare on the Infra builders.

  • On Linux, when using Debian/Ubuntu, the dependencies can be installed using APT:

    sudo apt-get install python3-scipy

Example: Running perf tests locally and comparing results

The perfcompare tool can be used to run perf tests locally and to compare the results.

As an example, suppose you want to compare the results from rust_inspect_benchmarks_test on two Git commits, BEFORE_VERSION and AFTER_VERSION.

This test case is tested in the terminal product and may not work in a different product.

The following commands would gather a dataset of perf test results for BEFORE_VERSION and save them in the directory perf_results_before:

git checkout BEFORE_VERSION
fx set terminal.x64  # covers dependencies of rust_inspect_benchmarks_test
fx build
fx update
python garnet/bin/perfcompare/ run_local \
  --boots=5 \
  --iter_cmd='fx test --e2e rust_inspect_benchmarks_test' \
  --iter_file='out/test_out/*/*.fuchsiaperf.json' \

These commands would do the same, but for AFTER_VERSION, saving the results dataset in a different directory, perf_results_after:

git checkout AFTER_VERSION
fx build
fx update
python garnet/bin/perfcompare/ run_local \
  --boots=5 \
  --iter_cmd='fx test --e2e rust_inspect_benchmarks_test' \
  --iter_file='out/test_out/*/*.fuchsiaperf.json' \

Note that the run_local commands will reboot Fuchsia.

The two datasets can then be compared with the following command, which prints a table showing the “before” and “after” results side by side:

python garnet/bin/perfcompare/ compare_perf perf_results_before perf_results_after