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# Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# This has a group corresponding to each product name. It gives the
# additional base packages that should be included in the build done by
# a bot to run tests and build-time checks to cover that product's code.
group("bringup") {
testonly = true
deps = [ "//bundles/bringup:tests" ]
# This group contains tests that don't depend on any known e2e test libraries.
# This happens to exclude unit tests for these e2e libraries, so this group is
# not meant to be used directly. It serves as an intermediate group for
# constructing `core_no_e2e` below.
group("no_e2e_dep") {
testonly = true
assert_no_deps = e2e_test_libs
deps = [
# The following groups have known e2e tests explicitly excluded.
# This groups contains no e2e tests. Tests in this group:
# * Either doesn't transitively depend on any known e2e test libraries;
# * Or are unit tests for known e2e test libraries.
group("core_no_e2e") {
testonly = true
deps = [ ":no_e2e_dep" ] + e2e_lib_unit_tests
group("core") {
testonly = true
deps = [
# Add in e2e tests excluded from `no_e2e`.
# Placed with core because core does not run scenic, in contrast to terminal bundle.
# (perf:touch_input_test expects scenic _not_ to be running)
# Ensure paths to known e2e test libs are always up-to-date.
deps += e2e_test_libs
group("terminal") {
testonly = true
deps = [
# TODO( Re-organize these deps to include all packages
# required for running tests.
group("workstation") {
testonly = true
deps = [
# This target is for tests which depend on package artefacts such as
# the FVM. It should be included using `fx set --with-host`.
# TODO( teach infra about this target.
group("host-tests") {
testonly = true
deps = []