Fuchsia Governance

Fuchsia is an open source project with the goal of creating a production-grade operating system that is simple, secure, updatable, and performant. Learn more about Fuchsia’s core principles.

Google steers the direction of Fuchsia and makes platform decisions related to Fuchsia. While Googlers contribute substantially to Fuchsia’s code base, the Fuchsia project encourages contributions from anyone, not just from Googlers.

Become a contributor

Fuchsia lets anyone contribute to the project, regardless of their employer. The Fuchsia project reviews and encourages well-tested, high-quality contributions from anyone who wants to contribute to Fuchsia.

To help facilitate code reviews, Fuchsia has the following contribution guidelines and community resources:

Contributions to Fuchsia must be accompanied by a Google Contributor License Agreement. For more information on the Contributor License Agreement, see Contributing to Fuchsia.

Meet the Fuchsia Eng Council

The Fuchsia Eng Council is a small group of senior technical leaders responsible for providing a coherent technical vision for Fuchsia. Members of the Fuchsia Eng Council are listed in the Fuchsia Eng Council Charter.

The Eng Council is responsible for maintaining the platform roadmap and approving or rejecting Fuchsia Requests for Comments (RFCs) using the Fuchsia RFC Process.

The Fuchsia RFC process is intended to provide a consistent and transparent path for making project-wide, technical decisions. For example, the RFC process can be used to evolve the project roadmap and the system architecture.

Review the Fuchsia Open Source Licensing Policies

Fuchsia is subject to multiple licenses, for more information, see Fuchsia Open Source Licensing Policies.