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Integration Input Tests

This collection of tests exercises the input dispatch paths in core components, such as Scenic, Root Presenter, and Input Pipeline. They are intended to be fairly minimal, free of flakiness, and standalone - the entire test is in one file.

Building tests

To build and run the tests for core-based products (e.g. core, astro, or sherlock), include the integration_input_tests test package in your build args either directly (fx set ... --with //src/ui/tests/integration_input_tests) or transitively (fx set ... --with //bundles:tests).

To build and run the tests for workstation-based products, include the workstation_tests test package in your build args directly (fx set ... --with //src/ui/tests/integration_input_tests:workstation_tests).

Note: Workstation tests are not built transitively via //bundles:tests, so exercising all tests in this directly requires including both types of test targets described above.

Running tests

To run these, we can use fx test with the name of the corresponding fuchsia_test_package name defined in the test's BUILD:

fx test factory-reset-test
fx test integration_input_tests
fx test touch-input-test
fx test text-input-test
fx test mouse-input-test