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  3. tests/

Web System Validation Test

This directory contains sample apps that exercises fuchsia.web API's, and system validation tests that executes the demo apps.

System validation sets up the test with following capability routing relationships:

        test_manager <-- root
                |  parent to
        system_validation_test_realm (facet: system-validation) <-- system validation test root
                |  parent to
    web_system_validation (runs ``)
         /  parent to  |           \
        /              |            \
        V              V             V
    sample-app  <-->  web_engine    file_server (startup: eager)
(ex: ``)

Run existing tests

  1. Build workstation_eng_paused product with system validation test targets.
fx set workstation_eng_paused.qemu-x64 --release --with-base //sdk/bundles:tools  --with //src/testing/system-validation:tests
fx build
  1. Start the emulator and package server
ffx emu start
fx serve
  1. Run test
$ fx test fuchsia-pkg:// --ffx-output-directory /path/to/output/dir
$ fx test fuchsia-pkg:// --ffx-output-directory /path/to/output/dir
$ fx test fuchsia-pkg:// --ffx-output-directory /path/to/output/dir