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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <lib/fit/function.h>
#include <bitmap/storage.h>
#include <fbl/macros.h>
#include "src/storage/minfs/format.h"
#include "src/storage/minfs/superblock.h"
namespace minfs {
// This structure contains pointers to relevant allocator fields in the superblock.
struct SuperblockAllocatorAccess {
uint32_t Superblock::*used;
uint32_t Superblock::*total;
uint32_t Superblock::*data_slices;
uint32_t Superblock::*metadata_slices;
// Returns pointers suitable for the block allocator.
static SuperblockAllocatorAccess Blocks() {
return SuperblockAllocatorAccess{&Superblock::alloc_block_count, &Superblock::block_count,
&Superblock::dat_slices, &Superblock::abm_slices};
// Returns pointers suitable for the inode allocator.
static SuperblockAllocatorAccess Inodes() {
return SuperblockAllocatorAccess{&Superblock::alloc_inode_count, &Superblock::inode_count,
&Superblock::ino_slices, &Superblock::ibm_slices};
// Represents the FVM-related information for the allocator, including
// slice usage and a mechanism to grow the allocation pool.
class AllocatorFvmMetadata {
AllocatorFvmMetadata() = default;
AllocatorFvmMetadata(SuperblockManager* superblock, SuperblockAllocatorAccess access)
: superblock_(superblock), superblock_access_(access) {}
// Movable, not copyable.
AllocatorFvmMetadata(AllocatorFvmMetadata&&) = default;
AllocatorFvmMetadata& operator=(AllocatorFvmMetadata&&) = default;
uint32_t UnitsPerSlices(uint32_t slice, uint32_t unit_size) const;
uint32_t SlicesToBlocks(uint32_t slices) const;
uint32_t BlocksToSlices(uint32_t blocks) const;
uint32_t DataSlices() const { return superblock_->Info().*superblock_access_.data_slices; }
void SetDataSlices(uint32_t slices) {
superblock_->MutableInfo()->*superblock_access_.data_slices = slices;
uint32_t MetadataSlices() const {
return superblock_->Info().*superblock_access_.metadata_slices;
void SetMetadataSlices(uint32_t slices) {
superblock_->MutableInfo()->*superblock_access_.metadata_slices = slices;
uint64_t SliceSize() const { return superblock_->Info().slice_size; }
SuperblockManager* superblock_ = nullptr;
SuperblockAllocatorAccess superblock_access_ = {};
// Metadata information used to initialize a generic allocator.
// This structure contains references to the global superblock,
// for fields that are intended to be updated.
// The allocator is the sole mutator of these fields while the
// filesystem is mounted.
class AllocatorMetadata {
AllocatorMetadata() = default;
AllocatorMetadata(blk_t data_start_block, blk_t metadata_start_block, bool using_fvm,
AllocatorFvmMetadata fvm, SuperblockManager* superblock_manager,
SuperblockAllocatorAccess interface);
// Movable, not copyable.
AllocatorMetadata(AllocatorMetadata&&) = default;
AllocatorMetadata& operator=(AllocatorMetadata&&) = default;
blk_t DataStartBlock() const { return data_start_block_; }
blk_t MetadataStartBlock() const { return metadata_start_block_; }
bool UsingFvm() const { return using_fvm_; }
AllocatorFvmMetadata& Fvm() {
return fvm_;
uint32_t PoolUsed() const { return superblock_->Info().*superblock_access_.used; }
// Return the number of elements which are still available for allocation/reservation.
uint32_t PoolAvailable() const { return PoolTotal() - PoolUsed(); }
void PoolAllocate(uint32_t units) {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(PoolTotal() - PoolUsed() >= units, "total=%u, used=%u, units=%u\n",
PoolTotal(), PoolUsed(), units);
superblock_->MutableInfo()->*superblock_access_.used += units;
void PoolRelease(uint32_t units) {
ZX_DEBUG_ASSERT_MSG(PoolUsed() >= units, "used=%u, units=%u\n", PoolUsed(), units);
superblock_->MutableInfo()->*superblock_access_.used -= units;
uint32_t PoolTotal() const { return superblock_->Info().*; }
void SetPoolTotal(uint32_t total) {
superblock_->MutableInfo()->* = total;
// Block at which data for the allocator starts.
blk_t data_start_block_;
// Block at which metadata for the allocator starts.
blk_t metadata_start_block_;
// This metadata is only valid if the Allocator is using an FVM.
bool using_fvm_;
AllocatorFvmMetadata fvm_;
SuperblockManager* superblock_ = nullptr;
SuperblockAllocatorAccess superblock_access_ = {};
} // namespace minfs