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Reviewed on: 2021-10-01

session_manager is the component that runs and manages session components.


Add the session_manager component to builds by including --with-base //src/session/bin/session_manager in the fx set invocation followed by rebuilding and re-paving the device.

Product configurations built on Session Framework (such as fx set workstation_eng.x64) include //src/session/bin/session_manager by default.


session_manager is launched in one of two ways: manually or automatically on system boot.

In general, running manually is useful during development, while running on boot is desirable for a production configuration.

Running manually

Use the [ffx session]((/docs/development/tools/ffx/ tool to launch a specific session:

ffx session launch fuchsia-pkg://

Launching a session on boot

session_manager attempts to launch a session on boot based on the contents of its session_url configuration parameter.

To boot into a session, include session_manager and the session component in the base package set and assign the URL of the session component to the product configuration:

fx set core.qemu-x64 \
  --with-base //src/session/bin/session_manager \
  --with-base //path/to/your_session \

This can also be configured directly in a product's definition *.gni files or via fx args.

Re-build, re-pave, and restart your device and it will boot into session_manager and launch your session.


Unit tests for session_manager are included in the session_manager_tests package, and integration tests are included in the session_manager_integration_tests package.

Both can be included in your build by adding --with //src/session:tests to your fx set.

fx test session_manager_tests
fx test session_manager_integration_tests

Source layout

The entry point for session_manager is in src/ with implementation details in other files within src/.

Unit tests are co-located with the code, while integration tests are in //src/session/tests.