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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#pragma once
#include <fbl/algorithm.h>
#include <fbl/ref_ptr.h>
#include <fs/trace.h>
#include <fs/vnode.h>
#include <minfs/format.h>
#include <minfs/minfs.h>
#include <minfs/superblock.h>
#include <minfs/transaction-limits.h>
#include <minfs/writeback.h>
#include "vnode.h"
namespace minfs {
struct DirectoryOffset {
size_t off = 0; // Offset in directory of current record
size_t off_prev = 0; // Offset in directory of previous record
struct DirArgs {
fbl::StringPiece name;
ino_t ino;
uint32_t type;
uint32_t reclen;
Transaction* transaction;
DirectoryOffset offs;
// A specialization of the Minfs Vnode which implements a directory interface.
class Directory final : public VnodeMinfs,
public fbl::Recyclable<Directory> {
Directory(Minfs* fs);
// fbl::Recyclable interface.
void fbl_recycle() final {
// minfs::Vnode interface.
zx_status_t CanUnlink() const final;
blk_t GetBlockCount() const final;
uint64_t GetSize() const final;
void SetSize(uint32_t new_size) final;
void AcquireWritableBlock(Transaction* transaction, blk_t local_bno,
blk_t old_bno, blk_t* out_bno) final;
void DeleteBlock(Transaction* transaction, blk_t local_bno, blk_t old_bno) final;
#ifdef __Fuchsia__
void IssueWriteback(Transaction* transaction, blk_t vmo_offset, blk_t dev_offset,
blk_t count) final;
bool HasPendingAllocation(blk_t vmo_offset) final;
void CancelPendingWriteback() final;
// fs::Vnode interface.
bool IsDirectory() const final { return true; }
zx_status_t ValidateFlags(uint32_t flags) final;
zx_status_t Lookup(fbl::RefPtr<fs::Vnode>* out, fbl::StringPiece name) final;
zx_status_t Read(void* data, size_t len, size_t off, size_t* out_actual) final;
zx_status_t Write(const void* data, size_t len, size_t offset,
size_t* out_actual) final;
zx_status_t Append(const void* data, size_t len, size_t* out_end,
size_t* out_actual) final;
zx_status_t Readdir(fs::vdircookie_t* cookie, void* dirents, size_t len,
size_t* out_actual) final;
zx_status_t Create(fbl::RefPtr<fs::Vnode>* out, fbl::StringPiece name,
uint32_t mode) final;
zx_status_t Unlink(fbl::StringPiece name, bool must_be_dir) final;
zx_status_t Rename(fbl::RefPtr<fs::Vnode> newdir,
fbl::StringPiece oldname, fbl::StringPiece newname,
bool src_must_be_dir, bool dst_must_be_dir) final;
zx_status_t Link(fbl::StringPiece name, fbl::RefPtr<fs::Vnode> target) final;
zx_status_t Truncate(size_t len) final;
// Other, non-virtual methods:
// Lookup which can traverse '..'
zx_status_t LookupInternal(fbl::RefPtr<fs::Vnode>* out, fbl::StringPiece name);
// Verify that the 'newdir' inode is not a subdirectory of this Vnode.
// Traces the path from newdir back to the root inode.
zx_status_t CheckNotSubdirectory(fbl::RefPtr<Directory> newdir);
using DirentCallback = zx_status_t (*)(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*, DirArgs*);
// Enumerates directories.
zx_status_t ForEachDirent(DirArgs* args, const DirentCallback func);
// Directory callback functions.
// The following functions are passable to |ForEachDirent|, which reads the parent directory,
// one dirent at a time, and passes each entry to the callback function, along with the DirArgs
// information passed to the initial call of |ForEachDirent|.
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackFind(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*, DirArgs*);
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackUnlink(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*, DirArgs*);
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackForceUnlink(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*,
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackAttemptRename(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*,
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackUpdateInode(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*,
static zx_status_t DirentCallbackFindSpace(fbl::RefPtr<Directory>, Dirent*, DirArgs*);
// Appends a new directory at the specified offset within |args|. This requires a prior call to
// DirentCallbackFindSpace to find an offset where there is space for the direntry. It takes
// the same |args| that were passed into DirentCallbackFindSpace.
zx_status_t AppendDirent(DirArgs* args);
zx_status_t UnlinkChild(Transaction* transaction, fbl::RefPtr<VnodeMinfs> child,
Dirent* de, DirectoryOffset* offs);
} // namespace minfs