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  2. dw-i2c-regs.h
  5. dw-i2c.h
  6. dw_i2c.bind
  8. tests.json

Testing dw-i2c on as370 hardware

Follow these steps to test the driver:

  1. Enable the test flag (I2C_AS370_DW_TEST) in the source file before compiling.
  2. Build and flash as370
    fx set bringup.as370
    fx build
    fx vendor google flash-as370 zedboot
  1. Success: Once booted, look for DW I2C test for AS370 passed in the kernel logs.
  2. Failure: The test should ideally be completed immediately upon bootup. In case of any error or timeout, DW I2C test for AS370 failed will be printed within couple of seconds.