Revert "[peridot][modular] Switch to new Cobalt 1.0 project."

This reverts commit 3cfae00e2f3d0ccaaa702743ae7eb2fdaef0376e.

Reason for revert: Suspected of causing FLK-292

Original change's description:
> [peridot][modular] Switch to new Cobalt 1.0 project.
> Cobalt 0.1 has already been turned down so currently Cobalt is silently
> discarding all of the data we are logging to it.
> This CL moves us over to our new Cobalt 1.0 project so Cobalt will start
> producing reports for us again.
> Additionally, this removes the last use of Cobalt 0.1 from the Fuchsia
> codebase allowing Cobalt to delete its Cobalt 0.1 code, thereby
> greatly simplifying the Cobalt FIDL service and making it easier to test.
> CB-316 #comment Removing last use Cobalt 0.1
> In more detail this CL does the following:
> - Switches from the old Cobalt 0.1 project to the new Cobalt 1.0 project
> - Switches the mechanism used to connect to Cobalt. We no longer need to
>   pass the bytes of our metric registry in a VMO. Now we only reference
>   our project by name and rely on the global registry to have our project.
> - Deletes the numeric constants and enums that correspond to the values
>   in the metrics registry. Instead we use the constants and enums that
>   are automatically generated by the Cobalt registry parser.
> - Switches the mechanism by which we connect to Cobalt in another way: We
>   replace the deprecated component::StartupContext with the new
>   sys::ComponentContext.
> TEST=Ran modular_integration_tests and peridot_tests
> Change-Id: I40ca4e025d0a4d2b809e3f87dfbaa2d9d9ad5fa5,,

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