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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.modular;
// Sessionmgr passes a connection to this service to the SessionShell so it can
// operate on stories for the user. It is also passed to other services that
// monitor or manipulate stories, specifically the maxwell services.
// Closing a |StoryProvider| connection has no effect on the state of the
// framework.
interface StoryProvider {
// Returns a list of existing stories. If |watcher| is provided, the client will
// be notified of story changes (new stories, deleted stories, runtime
// state changes).
4: GetStories(StoryProviderWatcher? watcher) -> (vector<StoryInfo> story_infos);
// Requests detailed information about the given story. If the story doesn't
// exist, returns null.
5: GetStoryInfo(string story_id) -> (StoryInfo? story_info);
// Obtains a controller for a previously created story identified by its story
// ID. Obtaining the controller doesn't run it yet. If the story doesn't
// exist, the interface request is closed.
6: GetController(string story_id, request<StoryController> request);
// Returns info of known stories.
// DEPRECATED: In favor of GetStories().
7: PreviousStories() -> (vector<StoryInfo> story_infos);
// Registers a watcher for changes in the story collection.
// DEPRECATED: In favor of GetStories().
9: Watch(StoryProviderWatcher watcher);
// Registers a watcher for ongoing story activity. Upon registration,
// StoryActivityWatcher.OnStoryActivity() will be called to update clients
// with the initial data. See StoryActivityWatcher for motivations.
10: WatchActivity(StoryActivityWatcher watcher);
// Implemented by clients of StoryProvider.
interface StoryProviderWatcher {
// Called in three different situations:
// * Immediately when a new watcher is registered with one OnChange()
// invocation with the current infor and state of each story known on the
// current device.
// * Every time a change to StoryInfo is applied to the record of the story
// kept on the current device, including a new story created on another
// device becoming known on this device for the first time.
// * Every time the StoryState of the story changes on this device. The
// StoryState on another device of a story known on this device is not made
// known on this device.
// * Every time the StoryVisibilityState of the story changes on this device.
// The StoryVisibilityState on another device of a story known on this
// device is not made known on this device.
// I.e. if the story is started or stopped on *another* device, it does
// *not* cause an OnChange() call on *this* device. Cf. OnDelete() below.
// The ID of the story the notifications are about are part of StoryInfo.
// |story_state| is STOPPED if the story was just created or just became known
// on this device and was not yet started on the current device. It's RUNNING
// when the story is started on the current device.
// |story_visibility_state| is DEFAULT until a mod on the current device
// requests for the visibility state to be changed.
1: OnChange(StoryInfo story_info, StoryState story_state,
StoryVisibilityState story_visibility_state);
// Called when a story record is permanently deleted. The deletion could
// have originated on this or on another device.
// If the story is running on this device at the time it is deleted,
// OnChange() will not be called first.
2: OnDelete(string story_id);
// Implemented by clients of StoryProvider in order to inform them about ongoing
// activities in stories. |activities| is the entire list of ongoing activities
// (represented by its type) within the story by the given |story_id|. If
// |activities| is empty, it means that there is no ongoing activity within the
// story.
// Clients can expect this event whenever there is a newly started/stopped
// ongoing activity, as well as when the client first registers for updates
// via StoryProvider.WatchActivity(). |activities| can contain duplicate
// OngoingActivityType's, ex. if a story is playing 2 videos at once.
interface StoryActivityWatcher {
1: OnStoryActivityChange(string story_id,
vector<OngoingActivityType> activities);