This document describes the configuration required for a Firestore Database project to be used with cloud_provider_firestore.

These instructions are relevant only when setting up one's own server instance, and not needed to use an existing server instance.


In the Firebase Console, under Database > Cloud Firestore > Rules, set the rules to:

service cloud.firestore {
  match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /users/{uid}/{everything=**} {
      allow read, write: if request.auth.uid == uid;


In order to run tests (end-to-end sync tests, sync benchmarks, validation tests) against a Firestore instance, you need the following:

  • API key - available in Project Settings / General
  • credentials file for a service account - available in Project Settings / Service accounts. Click on “Generate new private key”.

See cloud sync set-up instructions for instructions on how to use this information to run these tests.