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  1. fatfs/
  2. fuse3/
  3. hound/
  4. libm/
  5. nix/
  6. notify/
  7. prettytable-rs/
  8. pulldown-cmark/
  9. rustls/
  10. rustyline/
  11. security-framework/
  12. tracing-core/
  13. valico/
  14. zeroize/
  15. zstd-sys/

Forked external Rust crates

This directory contains crates which are vendored in order to be modified locally. Each crate must have a README.fuchsia markdown file in its root which answers these questions:

  • What is this crate used for?
  • Are there any use restrictions? i.e. only for development hosts
  • What differs from upstream? Include a changelog if feasible.
  • Are there any restrictions to how it should be rolled?
  • Is there anything else which makes this dependency “special”?

Note: projects in this directory must provide a license file, and a README.fuchsia file specifying the location of the license file. More information: go/fuchsia-licenses-playbook