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#![cfg(feature = "full")]
use futures::future::join_all;
use std::process::Stdio;
use tokio::process::Command;
use tokio::task;
async fn issue_42() {
// We spawn a many batches of processes which should exit at roughly the
// same time (modulo OS scheduling delays), to make sure that consuming
// a readiness event for one process doesn't inadvertently starve another.
// We then do this many times (in parallel) in an effort to stress test the
// implementation to ensure there are no race conditions.
// See alexcrichton/tokio-process#42 for background
let join_handles = (0..10usize).map(|_| {
task::spawn(async {
let processes = (0..10usize).map(|i| {
.arg(format!("I am spawned process #{}", i))