Contributing to Serde CBOR

Thanks for your interest! There are many ways to help:

  • write an issue about a problem you encountered
  • submit a pull request
  • add documentation and examples

Pull Requests

Code should be easy to understand and documented. For new features and fixed bugs please add a test to one of the files in test/. The tests are run on Travis CI to catch regressions early. Format your code with cargo fmt before committing. Currently Serde CBOR does not contain unsafe code and I would like to keep it this way.

Making a Release

  • [ ] Make sure the crate compiles and all tests pass.
  • [ ] (Optional) Test that the fuzzer works and fuzz the crate for some time.
  • [ ] Write a list with all changes made since the last release
  • [ ] Increment the version number in Cargo.toml and the Bugfixes increase the patch version while new features or an increased minimum Rust version require a new minor version.
  • [ ] Check that the file examples/ and the example from the match.
  • [ ] Commit the changes.
  • [ ] Add a git tag with the new version number: git tag "v42.0.2"
  • [ ] Push the changes: git push --tags
  • [ ] Run cargo publish
  • [ ] Add a new release to GitHub with a list of changes.