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// Copyright 2020 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use {
filesystem::{FatFilesystem, FatFilesystemInner},
sync::{Arc, Weak},
pub trait Node {
/// Attach this FatNode to the given FatDirectory, with the given name.
fn attach(
parent: Arc<FatDirectory>,
name: &str,
fs: &FatFilesystemInner,
) -> Result<(), Status>;
/// Detach this FatNode from its parent.
fn detach<'a>(&self, fs: &'a FatFilesystemInner);
/// Takes an open count and opens the underlying node if not already open.
fn open_ref<'a>(&'a self, fs: &'a FatFilesystemInner) -> Result<(), Status>;
/// Releases an open count.
fn close_ref(&self, fs: &FatFilesystemInner);
/// Close the underlying node and all of its children, regardless of the number of open
/// connections.
fn shut_down(&self, fs: &FatFilesystemInner) -> Result<(), Status>;
/// Flushes the directory entry for this node.
fn flush_dir_entry(&self, fs: &FatFilesystemInner) -> Result<(), Status>;
/// Called when the node has been successfully deleted.
fn did_delete(&self);
#[derive(Clone, Debug)]
/// This enum is used to represent values which could be either a FatDirectory
/// or a FatFile. This holds a strong reference to the contained file/directory.
pub enum FatNode {
impl FatNode {
/// Downgrade this FatNode into a WeakFatNode.
pub fn downgrade(&self) -> WeakFatNode {
match self {
FatNode::Dir(a) => WeakFatNode::Dir(Arc::downgrade(a)),
FatNode::File(b) => WeakFatNode::File(Arc::downgrade(b)),
pub fn as_node(&self) -> &(dyn Node + 'static) {
match self {
FatNode::Dir(ref a) => a.as_ref() as &dyn Node,
FatNode::File(ref b) => b.as_ref() as &dyn Node,
impl<'a> Deref for FatNode {
type Target = dyn Node;
fn deref(&self) -> &Self::Target {
/// The same as FatNode, but using a weak reference.
pub enum WeakFatNode {
impl WeakFatNode {
/// Try and upgrade this WeakFatNode to a FatNode. Returns None
/// if the referenced object has been destroyed.
pub fn upgrade(&self) -> Option<FatNode> {
match self {
WeakFatNode::Dir(a) => a.upgrade().map(|val| FatNode::Dir(val)),
WeakFatNode::File(b) => b.upgrade().map(|val| FatNode::File(val)),
/// RAII class that will close nodes when dropped. This should be created whilst the filesystem
/// lock is not held since when it drops, it takes the filesystem lock. This class is useful
/// for instances where temporary open counts are required.
pub struct Closer<'a> {
filesystem: &'a FatFilesystem,
nodes: std::vec::Vec<FatNode>,
impl<'a> Closer<'a> {
pub fn new(filesystem: &'a FatFilesystem) -> Self {
Closer { filesystem, nodes: Vec::new() }
pub fn add(&mut self, node: FatNode) -> FatNode {
impl Drop for Closer<'_> {
fn drop(&mut self) {
let lock = self.filesystem.lock().unwrap();
self.nodes.drain(..).for_each(|n: FatNode| n.close_ref(&lock));