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  3. icu_tzdata_config_data.gni

tzdata packages and templates

This directory contains the GN template that produces config data for packages and underlying programs that need to load IANA timezone data as provided by the ICU library.

Provide ICU time zone resource files to the given package

The files metaZones.res, timezoneTypes.res, and zoneinfo64.res will be made available in the namespace of the target component(s) at /config/data/tzdata/icu/{data_version}/{format}/.

There will also be a file at /config/data/tzdata/revision.txt containing the time zone database revision ID, e.g. 2019c.


  • for_pkg (required)
    [string] The name of the package to which time zone files will be supplied.

  • data_version (optional)
    [string] The ICU version number of the time zone data.
    Currently supported: { "44" }
    Default: "44"

  • format (optional)
    [string] The format name.
    Currently supported: { "le" }. le = “Little-endian”
    Default: "le"

In the future, this template may support newer versions or different formats (e.g. txt).


icu_tzdata_config_data("icu_tzdata_for_web_runner") {
  for_pkg = "web_runner"
  data_version = "44"
  format = "le"

Additionally, testonly packages can be declared like so:

icu_tzdata_config_data("icu_tzdata_for_web_runner_test") {
  for_pkg = "web_runner_test"
  data_version = "44"
  format = "le"
  testonly = true

This injects an additional file /config/data/FUCHSIA_IN_TREE_TEST.