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// Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
use libc::{self, c_char, c_int, c_long, c_uchar, c_uint, c_ulong, c_void, size_t};
type FT_Alloc_Func = unsafe extern "C" fn(FT_Memory, c_long) -> *mut c_void;
type FT_Free_Func = unsafe extern "C" fn(FT_Memory, *mut c_void);
type FT_Realloc_Func = unsafe extern "C" fn(FT_Memory, c_long, c_long, *mut c_void) -> *mut c_void;
type FT_Stream_IoFunc = unsafe extern "C" fn(FT_Stream, c_ulong, *mut c_uchar, c_ulong) -> c_ulong;
type FT_Stream_CloseFunc = unsafe extern "C" fn(FT_Stream);
pub struct FT_MemoryRec {
pub user: libc::intptr_t,
pub alloc: FT_Alloc_Func,
pub free: FT_Free_Func,
pub realloc: FT_Realloc_Func,
pub struct FT_Parameter {
tag: c_ulong,
data: *mut c_void,
pub struct FT_Open_Args {
pub flags: c_uint,
pub memory_base: *const c_uchar,
pub memory_size: c_long,
pub pathname: *const c_char,
pub stream: FT_Stream,
pub driver: FT_Module,
pub num_params: c_int,
pub params: *mut FT_Parameter,
pub struct FT_StreamRec {
pub base: *const c_uchar,
pub size: c_ulong,
pub pos: c_ulong,
pub descriptor: FT_StreamDesc,
pub pathname: FT_StreamDesc,
pub read: FT_Stream_IoFunc,
pub close: FT_Stream_CloseFunc,
pub memory: FT_Memory,
pub cursor: *mut c_uchar,
pub limit: *mut c_uchar,
pub type FT_Memory = *const FT_MemoryRec;
pub type FT_Error = c_int;
pub type FT_Library = *mut c_void;
pub type FT_Stream = *const FT_StreamRec;
pub type FT_StreamDesc = *mut c_void;
pub type FT_Module = *const c_void;
pub type FT_Face = *mut c_void;
pub const FT_OPEN_STREAM: c_uint = 0x2;
pub const FT_OPEN_PATHNAME: c_uint = 0x4;
#[cfg_attr(target_os = "fuchsia", link(name = "freetype2"))]
#[cfg_attr(not(target_os = "fuchsia"), link(name = "freetype2_for_rust_host", kind = "static"))]
extern "C" {
pub fn FT_New_Library(memory: FT_Memory, alibrary: *mut FT_Library) -> FT_Error;
pub fn FT_Done_Library(library: FT_Library) -> FT_Error;
pub fn FT_Add_Default_Modules(library: FT_Library);
pub fn FT_New_Memory_Face(
library: FT_Library,
file_base: *const c_uchar,
file_size: c_long,
face_index: c_long,
aface: *mut FT_Face,
) -> FT_Error;
pub fn FT_Open_Face(
library: FT_Library,
args: *const FT_Open_Args,
face_index: c_long,
aface: *mut FT_Face,
) -> FT_Error;
pub fn FT_Done_Face(face: FT_Face) -> FT_Error;
pub fn FT_Get_First_Char(face: FT_Face, agindex: *mut c_uint) -> c_ulong;
pub fn FT_Get_Next_Char(face: FT_Face, charcode: c_ulong, agindex: *mut c_uint) -> c_ulong;
extern "C" fn ft_alloc(_memory: FT_Memory, size: c_long) -> *mut c_void {
unsafe { libc::malloc(size as size_t) }
extern "C" fn ft_free(_memory: FT_Memory, block: *mut c_void) {
unsafe { libc::free(block) }
extern "C" fn ft_realloc(
_memory: FT_Memory,
_cur_size: c_long,
new_size: c_long,
block: *mut c_void,
) -> *mut c_void {
unsafe { libc::realloc(block, new_size as size_t) }
pub static FT_MEMORY: FT_MemoryRec =
FT_MemoryRec { user: 0, alloc: ft_alloc, free: ft_free, realloc: ft_realloc };