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Failed routing Example

This directory contains an example of failed capability routing in Component Framework.


If these components are not present in your build, they can be added by appending --with //examples to your fx set command. For example:

$ fx set core.x64 --with //examples
$ fx build


Use ffx component create to create the component instances inside a restricted realm for development purposes:

  • C++

    $ ffx component create /core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm fuchsia-pkg://
  • Rust

    $ ffx component create /core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm fuchsia-pkg://

Start the client component instance by passing its moniker to ffx component start:

$ ffx component start /core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm/echo_client

When the above command is run, you can see the component framework error messages with fx log. The Echo protocol request fails due to a routing error:

[echo_client] WARNING: Failed to route protocol `fidl.examples.routing.echo.Echo` with target component `/core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm/echo_client`:
A `use from parent` declaration was found at `/core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm/echo_client` for `fidl.examples.routing.echo.Echo`, but no matching `offer` declaration was found in the parent

The Echo2 protocol request fails due to an issue starting the component:

[component_manager] WARN: Failed to start component `fuchsia-pkg://`:
unable to load component with url "fuchsia-pkg://":
error loading executable: "reading object at \"bin/routing_failed_echo_server_oops\" failed: A FIDL client's channel to the service (anonymous) File was closed: NOT_FOUND

After running the example, you can remove the example realm using ffx component destroy:

$ ffx component destroy /core/ffx-laboratory:echo_realm