Date: March 11, 2022

Version: F4.1.1


The following issues have been resolved for Fuchsia:

Issue: Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calls immediately disconnect.
Impact: Device now generates random, unique call IDs, which prevents disconnections.

Issue: Archivist memory slow leak causing devices to restart after running out of memory.
Impact: Archivist memory slow leak has been fixed. Devices no longer restart after running out of memory.

Issue: If power failed during a block recycle operation and then failed again during recording, the block being used for the recycle could end up with a high wear count, leading to an assert, resulting in an unbootable device.
Impact: The wear count has been fixed during block recycle to ensure source block and destination block are differentiated from each other. Power failures during recovery no longer result in unbootable devices.

Issue: Triggering factory reset does not always shred zxcrypt.
Impact: Issue was found to not be reproducible. Symptoms found during triage were misinterpreted as failed factory data resets (FDRs).

Issue: System continues to handle requests after suspend operation.
Impact: Patch added to stop handling requests after suspend hook is called to eliminate the possibility of rebooting in the middle of a direct memory access (DMA) operation.

Issue: Intermittent, permanent read failures.
Impact: Change increases the number of error correction code (ECC) read retries, reducing the probability of flash transition layer (FTL) corruption.

Issue: Missing Call Provider AllowList Entries for Telecom Italia causing calls not to go through.
Impact: Calls are now able to be completed through Telecom Italia.