Fuchsia Rust Crates

  • carnelian/

    A user-interface framework in Rust.

  • fdio/

    Wrapper over zircon-fdio library

  • fuchsia-archive/

    Work with Fuchsia Archives (FARs)

  • fuchsia-async/

    Fuchsia-specific Futures executor and asynchronous primitives (Channel, Socket, Fifo, etc.)

  • fuchsia-framebuffer/

    Configure, create and use FrameBuffers in Fuchsia

  • fuchsia-merkle/

    Protect and verify data blobs using Merkle Trees

  • fuchsia-scenic/

    Rust interface to Scenic, the Fuchsia compositor

  • fuchsia-syslog-listener/

    Implement fuchsia syslog listeners in Rust

  • fuchsia-syslog/

    Rust interface to the fuchsia syslog

  • fuchsia-system-alloc/

    A crate that sets the Rust allocator to the system allocator. This is automatically included for projects that use fuchsia-async, and all Fuchsia binaries should ensure that they take a transitive dependency on this crate (and “use” it, as merely setting it as a dependency in GN is not sufficient to ensure that it is linked in).

  • fuchsia-trace/

    A safe Rust interface to Fuchsia's tracing interface

  • storage

    Bindings and protocol for serving filesystems on the Fuchsia platform

  • storage/fuchsia-vfs-watcher/

    Bindings for watching a directory for changes

  • fuchsia-zircon/

    Rust language bindings for Zircon kernel syscalls

  • mapped-vmo/

    A convenience crate for Zircon VMO objects mapped into memory

  • mundane/

    A Rust crypto library backed by BoringSSL

  • shared-buffer/

    Utilities for safely operating on memory shared between untrusting processes

  • zerocopy/

    Work with values contained in raw Byte strings without copying