Analysis is run as part of the Fuchsia build.

For each dart_library target, an analysis script gets also generated in the output directory under:


Running this script will perform an analysis of the target's sources. Note that other templates usually define a Dart library they build upon. For example, a flutter_app //foo/bar will yield a //foo/bar:bar_dart_library target that can also be analyzed.

As with standard Dart packages, analysis options are defined in an analysis_options.yaml file, which must be placed at the package root. This file may refer to a common set of options by way of an include directive:

include: relative/path/to/options.file

A canonical set is available at //analysis_options.yaml It is customary to merely include that set from a local options file:

include: path/to/build/dart/analysis_options.yaml

Analysis may be disabled altogether for a given target with:

dart_library("foo") {
  disable_analysis = true

The //scripts/ script makes it easy to run the analysis over multiple targets:

scripts/ analyze --out out/<build-type> --tree //topaz/shell/*

Regular analyzer flags may also be passed:

scripts/ analyze --out out/<build-type> --fatal-warnings --lints

This holds true for the individual analysis scripts.