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Adding a glossary term

Fuchsia.dev uses a [_glossary.yaml][glossary-yaml] file to define all Fuchsia specific terminology.

This format allows Fuchsia to use single-source definitions to be edited in a single location and updated throughout the documentation. These definitions can then be used throughout documentation using documentation widgets, which then allows you to use inline definitions or full definitions in your documents.

Note: For more information, see [documentation widgets][documentation-widgets].

Additionally, Fuchsia has a main filterable [glossary page][glossary-index].

Add a glossary entry

To add a glossary definition, you need to edit the [_glossary.yaml][glossary-yaml] to include information about your definition:

Once you have created the entry for your glossary entry and submitted the Gerrit change, your glossary term will be visible on the [glossary page][glossary-index] and usable as a [documentation widget][documentation-widgets].

[glossary-yaml]: {{fuchsia_editor }}docs/glossary/_glossary.yaml [glossary-index]: /docs/glossary [documentation-widgets]: /docs/reference/documentation/widgets.md